Examples of how we have helped our clients.

Our research projects are described separately – see research page for further details.

We have carried out 78 projects across a wide spectrum of industry sectors since we were first established in March 1995 in order to help our Clients meet their goals. The following are some examples of our work in order to give you an idea of our capabilities.

Projects for inventors, designers and manufacturers of fall protection equipment


  • Design, development, testing and certification of a variety of fall protection systems and equipment, including:
  1. Retractable fall-arresters
  2. Horizontal lifelines and horizontal rails
  3. Compound (3D) rail systems
  4. Vertical lifelines and vertical rails
  5. Safety Harnesses
  6. Various anchor devices
  7. Ladder securing/stability devices
  8. Lorry trailer access and fall protection system
  9. Development of product suite to meet U.S. standards and product
  10. launch into U.S. market
  • Training sales & engineering staff – providing bespoke basic, intermediate and advanced training to make staff more knowledgeable and effective in the workplace
  • Patent dispute and resolution – acting in an expert capacity to resolve patent disputes avoiding unnecessary court proceeding and legal costs
  • Development of test specifications to facilitate the testing and certification of innovative products with multifunction capabilities, e.g. power assisted climbing with fall-arrest back-up and rescue facilities, where standards do not anticipate such products
  • Development of test methods to simulate more realistic falls into soft bag landing systems


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Projects for organisations who have staff who require access at height and specify fall protection systems


  • Risk assessments of mobile phone masts, towers, rooftops and domestic properties in order to improve access arrangements and mitigate the effects of falls as well as ensuring compliance with legislative and code of practice obligations
  • Accident and incident investigations in a variety of industries including oil & gas, digital communications and wind turbines to determine what went wrong and providing solutions to prevent reoccurrences
  • Review of existing access and fall protection arrangements to ensure that they remain effective, for aircraft, wind turbine and National Government sectors. Testing fall protection arrangements in order to verify manufacturer and installer claims, where existing standards fail to cater for the categories of claim being made.


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Projects for the military services


  • Fall-arrest system for use inside hardened aircraft shelters – developing an overhead layout to provide fall protection for workers whilst clambering across aircraft. Factors that had to be taken into account: not compromising integrity of bomb-proof structure; fall-arrest system not to damage aircraft in the event of a fall; automatic descent system to initiate after fall-arrest event to eliminate workers remaining in suspension
  • Compilation of Working at Height Manual – generation of a 3-volume work covering management and use of fall protection equipment within the military services.
  • Fall-arrest system for use on helicopter – work study to assess which types of fall protection systems could be utilised on helicopters to prevent falls during servicing, including access methods to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Powered ascender for special forces – assessing how the product could be tested and certified for industrial use.
  • Personal descender for parachute training – reviewing the design and performance of legacy equipment used to simulate a parachute jump, with a view to updating and possible replacement.
  • Review of fall accidents within submarine, surface vessel and docks environments and recommending improved access and fall protection arrangements to eliminate or minimise fall risk.


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