Safety Squared works with enforcement agencies and provides support in many forms which include scientific and technical research and acting as an expert witness.

Incident and Accident Investigation


Where an incident or accident occurs, investigation can determine the cause(s) in order to prevent such an occurrence arising again in the future. We can provide the following services, or assist where necessary:

• Determining the causes of fall accidents and evaluation of fall-protective measures where they were being used
• Recreation of accident circumstances using tools such as anthropomorphic test dummies and high speed video to record events
• Expert witness work


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Safety Squared can provide support in the form of scientific and technical research to increase knowledge, underpin test methodology or further understanding. Several research projects have been carried out, see research page for further details.


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Technical Support


Safety Squared works with enforcement agencies and provides advice in regards to matters such as: wording of legislation, safety issues, meaning of clauses within standards, deficiencies in standards and safety equipment performance. We have advised UK Government departments such as HSE and BIS (now BEIS).


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