Whether you are an Inventor, who wishes to have a professional opinion on a new concept, an Organisation who has identified the need for a new kind of product in the workplace, or a Fall Protection Company who is seeking technical expertise in a specific area, Safety Squared can help you.

Invention, Design and Manufacture


Safety Squared can assist in the generation of new ideas and concepts to meet market needs and applications which are not satisfactorily covered by existing products. We can analyse ideas to determine validity and probability of success, and can design and manufacture prototypes for functional evaluation and testing.

Safety Squared can also assist in the improvement of existing products by utilising various research and development techniques to enhance the desirability of the product, reduce manufacturing costs, or extend product life cycles.


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Computer Aided Design and Mathematical Analysis


The importance of being able to present new concepts and ideas and communicate engineering specifications to stakeholders cannot be overemphasised. Safety Squared can generate 3D and 2D conceptual drawings, models, analytical layouts, schematics, assembly and component drawings according to your requirements, using our CAD facility. We can also perform mathematical analysis using bespoke CAD packages. For example, we have the capability of developing time-stepping finite element analysis programs which allows us to accurately recreate a fall simulation of workers who are attached to a horizontal lifeline fall-arrest system. The simulation calculates various performance characteristics, such as loads at the extremities and intermediate anchor points, forces on the attached workers and also maximum fall distance.


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It is important to prevent copying of concepts and novel ideas by the use of patents. Safety Squared has extensive expertise and experience of patents in the fall protection market. This can be used to help clients strengthen their patent applications and to guide them through the process. Safety Squared can also readily identify patents that may cause future problems to clients, which normal database searches may miss. We have acted as Expert Witnesses in patent dispute cases, where alleged infringement occurs between two or more manufacturers.


Examples of our patents include:

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> GB 2373537 Improved fall-arrest system for persons working at height (contiguous vertical, horizontal and inclined fall-arrest system)

> WO2004067095 Improved fall restraint system (restraint system to prevent falls off gable edges)

> GB2256002 Fall-arrest apparatus (horizontal lifeline)

> GB2244305 Fall-arrest systems (horizontal lifeline)

> GB2296855 Safety apparatus (neck airbag on safety harness)

> US2018154197 Horizontal lifeline with safety improvements


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Product Certification including CE Marking


Certification is an important part of demonstrating to potential customers that a safety product or system will perform as expected and that this can be substantiated with documentary evidence.

We have professional relationships with certifying bodies and so we can guide and assist organisations through the certifying process, whether this is CE marking or other certification schemes. This process involves the testing of the product or system and invariably involves the submission of a Technical File. We can assist with testing and the preparation of drawings, risk assessments, instructions for installation / use and product markings, all of which are usual requirements for a Technical File.

However, the limitations and inappropriateness of traditional standards are becoming increasingly apparent as innovation seeks to provide new levels of safety performance. So how can innovative products and systems be tested when there’s no applicable standard? In most circumstances, the use of a test specification is permitted in lieu of a standard, which must adhere to sound engineering principles and demonstrate compliance with health and safety legislation.

As we are very active in the standard-writing field and are familiar with this process, (see the Projects page for examples), we can develop test specifications specifically for your product or system where no published standard appears to cover it. This will enable your product or system to demonstrate that it will perform as designed and so receive certification.


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Safety Squared can arrange and direct/supervise all forms of testing, including that required for safety product or system certification, research and development, competitor product evaluation, quality assurance, performance verification and accident investigation, (where we recreate the accident).

Safety Squared has direct access to its own fully equipped test laboratories and has access to other facilities to allow testing up to a height of 127 m. This is especially useful for evaluating products with particularly long lifelines or for descender / rescue testing.


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Fall Simulation 


Steel weights, sand bags and other simple shapes are often used to represent the human being in the testing of fall protection systems, but they may not reveal what happens in actual fall circumstances.

Safety Squared has direct access to a number of human-like anthropomorphic test dummies (ATD), e.g. Sierra Stan, Ogle, Ogle-MIRA, Hybrid III, which can be used to more accurately simulate a fall from a height and recreate the necessary fall configuration or conditions.

ATDs are anthropomorphic (resembling the human form), anthropometric (of a set size and with set proportions and mass relating to a statistical population), with articulating joints, similarly disposed as in the human body with anthropometric ranges of movement. The ATDs may be instrumented if required.


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High Speed Video


We have direct access to a number of high speed video options, which include the ability to synchronise video motion with measured data, e.g. arrest force or deceleration. High speed video ensures that tests, (which can be over in a few hundredths of a second and are difficult to discern using the human eye), can be captured for post-test analysis and product marketing purposes.

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Pre-acquisition Product Evaluation


In cases where companies are considering acquisitions of either safety product, system or other intellectual rights, and wish to evaluate these prior to making the acquisition, Safety Squared can evaluate, analyse and report on the product rights, and give an independent, objective and intelligent perspective on the product or system’s capabilities.


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Production Engineering


Good design and meeting test and certification requirements are vital when getting a product to market, but first it has to be put into production. This may involve a number of subtle changes to the product in order to make it suitable for manufacture and cost-effective in the quantities desired. Safety Squared can provide invaluable input in this process.

Production engineering is also applicable to products that may have been in production over a number of years, where the desire is to enhance various features of the product, e.g. reduction in weight or cost without sacrificing safety, using tools such as value analysis.


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Technical Writing


Producing such documents as instructions for use and installation, product labelling and servicing manuals are a vital aspect of the manufacturing process, yet can be very time consuming as attention to detail is very important.

Safety Squared has several years experience in producing such documents and has ready access to various artists who can produce line-drawings. Such drawings can portray difficult-to-describe concepts and can dramatically cut down the word count in otherwise lengthy documents.


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Training & Presentation


We provide bespoke training courses specifically targeted to client requirements to enable staff and companies to become more effective. Previous courses and presentations have included:

• Induction into the fall protection industry for newly-recruited sales & marketing and technical staff
• Analysis of legislation, codes of practice and standards as marketing tools for sales & marketing staff
• Product design and testing for technical staff
• Analysis of published research and how it can be harnessed to increase company growth


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